Thursday, February 26, 2015

Myth Busters - Dead Drift

There are at least a couple of widely held and accepted fly fishing related “truisms” , that at least from my perspective, aren’t so true.

One I think many of us have heard – It’s isn’t fly fishing unless your rod is equipped with snake guides.

I think most of you who may be reading this may have a slightly different opinion.

Another one I often hear – You need to present your fly with a dead drift in order to catch fish.

I personally disagree with this one with as much vigor as with the snake guide axiom. Dead drift is certainly a popular and effective presentation, but it certainly not the only presentation that works well. Not everything that a fish may eat floats along lifelessly in the current. A lot of things move, whether it be in the form of a struggle, or purposeful means of propulsion. Don't be afraid to twitch, skate, skitter, swing, flutter, lift …. your fly.

Anytime one is engaged in a discussion, it’s always nice to know at least a few other folks share your opinion. When it comes to fishing alternative presentations to dead drift, I think I am in good company. If I ask you to close your eyes and picture what is commonly referred to as a “tenkara” fly, chances are you envision something that looks like this

So ask yourself, why tie the hackle forward? I probably don’t need to tell you it’s designed to add movement to the fly as it is twitched during the presentation. It’s to make the fly look alive via the movement imparted by the angler, and the resulting pulsation of the hackle. These flies are specifically designed NOT to be fished using a dead drift presentation.

As least for me, another fly fishing truism bites the dust.

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