Wednesday, February 11, 2015

But another validity discussion

Another day, another it ain't really fly fishing discussion in a fly fishing forum. I find it interesting that if you do a google search on a guy named Izaak Walton, you'll find several hundred clubs, organizations and other miscellaneous stuff named in his honor.

Guess what? He didn't use a reel either.

As you spend some time looking into things, you'll find the development of fly fishing in both East and West is remarkably similar in terms of time frames and the types of equipment used.

I personally don't think there is anything mystical or zen about using a fixed-length line set up to fly fish. It's a simple and effective way that some folks choose to fish.

Quite honestly, the vast majority of good old boys and bubbas can't help but smirk when they see somebody standing in rubber pants, waving a stick around as they zoom by in their bass boats. It's all just a matter of where you happen to find your interest along the curve.

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