Monday, April 16, 2012

Some Simple Thoughts

I often am asked to recommend a specific rod for a specific river, stream or geographic area. The request often comes from a highly experienced reeled fly fisher. I sort of wish I could authoritatively state you need a 13’7’ XYZ rod with that has a soft 6.5:4 action coupled with a 12.75’ .014” fluorocarbon line which terminates with a 3.75 lb 3.6’ leader/tippet.

It very easy to get at least this level of detail on any forum when discussing what reeled fly rod outfit one should use to properly fish. As a matter of fact, it’s very easy to start what approaches a virtual shouting match when various camps weigh in regarding what is the “right” way to fish. Folks have come to expect a very exact and specific answer regarding what rod (or rods) they may need to fish a fixed length line outfit.

It’s at least slightly embarrassing to say “Most if not all the available tenkara rod and line combinations and permutations will work just fine. There will be minor variations to how the various combinations will feel, but the variances really are a matter of personal preference. All will fish effectively.

It is interesting that in many respects, we as fisher folks seem to be drawn to complexity like moths to a flame. Not that there is anything wrong, if that is what folks enjoy. Some may disagree, but I personally think it is a basic attribute of the simplicity inherit to fishing a fixed length line system. The equipment involved just works within the niche for which it is intended. While fixed length line systems aren’t appropriate for all types of environments or techniques, one doesn’t require a highly specialized set of equipment to effectively fish. To me that greatly adds to the enjoyment of using fly fishing using a fixed length line.