Saturday, November 20, 2010

Some Juicy Morsels

I saw a couple of flies the other day that caught my attention. First off, they are certainly not traditional looking ties. Secondly, I have yet to field test them, but they have the attributes I like to see in a wet fly -
  • Alot of built movement/wiggle
  • Allowing a variety of presentations
  • Fast and easy to tie
  • Using a few, readily available materials
  • Sized to be easily cast
I know I will be tying some up and giving them some water time the next time I'm out -

Tenkara Rod Cases/Carriers

Inspired by a posting I saw on a forum, I did a bit of online research. There are a number of hard and soft cases and bags made for carrying rolled up prints and drawings. The cost of the cases and bags range from a couple of buck up to about $20.

These carriers looked particularly applicable -