Thursday, January 22, 2015

Listen to the Music

There recently was a seemingly endless conversation on one of the fly fishing forums regarding what’s more important to catch fish - fly or presentation.

The consensus results can be summarized:

- develop a repertoire of many different presentations - or - always use the same one (dead drift (it’s the perfect presentation for dead caddis flies))

- shake the bushes and be prepared with a vest full of fly patterns for whatever you see - or – one generic fly properly presented will almost always work

- all the possible combinations and permutations of the above

What I find most interesting, the exact same conversations take place in the other forum topic I follow.

I want to start playing guitar, what should I do?

- learn to play scales - or - never study scales, just play songs

- start out playing classical, pop, jazz, bluegrass, finger style, with a pick, the blues

- buy a Martin/Gibson/Custom built - or – buy a $100 Epiphone/Yamaha

And at the end, the exact same answer results for both -

Go out and fish / listen to the music that is inside you.

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