Saturday, November 16, 2013

Year of the Spider

At least as of today, this is a free electronic book being offered on Amazon.  This is a British book that highlights the use of flies that would work very well with a fixed-length line system -

Journalist, author and unrepentant trout bum Philip Storey spends the summer on an urban river in the North-East of England fishing with centuries-old spider patterns. These are the flies that have stood the test of time and still work today. Year of the spider contains images and tying instructions for possibly the simplest to make flies you will find, along with a detailed diary recording the conditions (temperature, humidity, wind, air pressure, river height etc) in which they were successful along with lots of fish pictures taken one-handed and at odd angles. This is more than just a fishing guide or a ‘how-to’ manual; Year of the Spider takes the mystery out of fly fishing and selects nine, easy to tie flies that will carry you right through the season catching fish all the way.

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