Sunday, October 17, 2010


The following words are not mine. As a matter of fact, I received these words of wisdom at least fifth or sixth hand. I do not know the author's name. The author is at the twilight of his journey here on earth, and wanted to pass along the wisdom he has learned over the course of a rich life to his family and friends -

    • Look the world in the eye and shake hands like a man
    • Always do what you say you are going to do
    • Live your life as deeply as you can and love how you are living it
    • Do what is “right” and trust your heart and soul to tell you what right is
    • Put your family first
    • Be the man that your true friends know they can trust and count on
    • Become the man you are destined to become … be the best man you can be
    • Dare to love and allow others to love you
    • When the world looks the blackest, be true to yourself and follow your heart and keep doing what you know is right and it will somehow work out

    • Go fishing when your heart needs too
    • Give yourself permission to catch fish any way you want too
    • But remember to sometimes fish however you love the most …….even if it isn’t the best way to catch fish
    • Go to streams you have never been too before and truly experience them
    • Fish your favorite river often enough that
      o You know a few fish by name
      o You can tell a particular pool, riffle or run by the sound of it alone
      o You have your own rock in the middle that is your own private “thinking” place
    • Teach at least one person to fly fish each year
    • Take the time to stop when you have caught “enough” and just listen to the river rolling by
    • When you think you have walked far enough and should start fishing now….. walk fifteen minutes more …… at least
    • Make time to fish with your friends
    • Enjoy a drink and a campfire with your true friends
    • But, enjoy a campfire and a stream by yourself occasionally
    • And lastly enjoy the lights ……. Sunlight, Firelight and Starlight ……… because you never know when they may burn out ………

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